Comic actor Kalybos was left heartbroken after his proposal to Ghanaian songstress, Gyakie was rejected.

Kalybos revealed publicly in a recent interview that he becomes lovestruck anytime he sees or hears the 24-year-old, adding that he would love to start a beautiful relationship with her.

Among other things, he stated that his feelings for Gyakie surpass the 16 celebrity crushes he has in Ghana, and he would marry her if given the chance.

However, his proposal was turned down, and the reason, Gyakie has revealed is that she felt Kalybos was not serious about his assertions.

Why I did not accept Kalybos’ proposal – Gyakie
“I thought he was being jovial, I didn’t know he was serious,” she defended in an interview with Sammykaymedia.

According to her, they had spoken on multiple occasions, but the discussion was always on a musical level, the reason she believes his proposal is one of his gimmicks.

Should Kalybos exhibit seriousness, Gyakie revealed they would have further discussions off the cameras and see what would become of them.