Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is the first black female to be accepted to train as a brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the school “where the medical discipline of neurological surgery was founded.” She was accepted to train there in 2017.

Abu-Bonsrah was born in Ghana and moved to Maryland when she was 15. She studied chemistry and biochemistry at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Maryland. Then she went to Johns Hopkins University to study medicine. She is the first doctor in her extended family.

Her desire to study neurosurgery was the result of shadowing a neurosurgeon when she visited Ghana when she was a junior in college. She is married to her husband, Kwabena Yamoah, who received his M.D. from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Abu-Bonsrah identifies as Seventh-Day Adventist.

The Asante women keep breaking barriers and the status quo. Ayekoo Asanteni baa Nancy Abu-bonsrah