As we were touring to cover story for our fridays community watch program, I was informed of the sad story of a 12-year old girl called Stephanie at Mankrong Nkwanta in the Central Region who has been crawling since birth, her father is deceased and the mother who used to take care of her is also seriously sick.

I went there to confirmed the story and their situation were very serious .

According to Stephanies mother, she was paralyzed after birth and has been crawling since birth without a wheelchair because of financial problem.
Due to that Stephanie left hand is fractured and not functioning normally. Stephanie hasnt been to school before and she wish to go to school if someone could help her.

The mother who used to cater for her is seriously sick after the death of her father as I indicated earlier and they are now staying with a friend.

Their situation is very serious, so I wish to appeal to the general public to help rescue the this 12 year old paralyzed little girl and mother !

Check the video below