Fast-rising young artist Yaw Tog has confirmed rumors that the entertainment industry is not for the faint heart.

According to the “Sore” hitmaker, a person might lose their lives if they aren’t spiritually strong in the showbiz space. This comes after Yaw Tog disclosed a few months ago that he was spiritually attacked.

He made this disclosure in a tweet. He said, “I got defeated early this year but I’m back again and beware of fake friends please,”

According to Yaw Tog, he is opening up about his attack because he wants to advise up-and-coming musicians to take their spiritual lives seriously.

Emphasizing the spiritual attack in the entertainment industry, Yaw Tog said, “You have to believe in whatever that you want to believe in but for me, I believe in God because he has been the one by my side all these while,” he remarked.

He revealed “Some people also believe in whatever they believe in so it’s all about being strong in doing whatever that you are doing and that’s the most important thing.

“Because if you are not strong enough spiritually in the Ghanaian music industry, someone might easily trample on you and waste your life so that’s it,” Yaw Tog told the host Amansan Krakye.