Kumawood actor Don Little has shocked Ghanaians after a trending new video of him in a recent interview popped up online.

Nana Romeo has recently interviewed the popular Kumawood actor on Accra-based radio station, Accra FM.

Don Little during the interview said that he does not know who is older between him and Yaw Dabo, however, he is grown and the eldest of 7 children of his parents.

“I cannot tell who is older between Yaw Dabo and me because I don’t know his age. But I am not a small boy at all. I am the eldest of 7 children”, he said.

When asked why he bears a northern name, Don Little confirmed that he is from the northern region, Bolgatanga to be precise, however, he has not been there before.

“My mother is an Ashanti and my father is a northerner from Bolgatanga. But I have not been there before. If you tell me you want to sponsor me so I send you there right now I will not be able to do that. My father is dead now. But I have 6 other siblings from the same mother and father”, Don Little said.

According to Don Little, what makes him happy is when he is sad and gets a lady around to advise him or speak with him.

The actor revealed that despite the many men or guys that have helped him, the support he has had from ladies outweighs that of the guys.

“When I am sad I have a lady around. It motivates me a lot. One thing I love and respect about ladies os they have sympathy. Where I have reached right now, I can say 90 percent is from ladies. Even though guys have also helped me, the ladies are more”, he said.