Popular Ghanaian actor, Akrobeto says he is not afraid to die and as such wouldn’t panic at the sound of any false prophecies.

According to him, death is the ultimate reward of any believer hence he is ready to embrace it anytime, noting that even Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed are all dead.

The Veteran Ghanaian actor was reacting to a man of God who prophesied his death during an episode of his show ‘The Real News’, Akrobeto slammed the prophet and labelled him fake.

The prophet in a viral video claimed to have seen in the spiritual realm that the popular Ghanaian actor is on the verge of death.

He stressed that the veteran actor should be careful on travels because he might be involved in a car accident.

In reaction to this, Akrobeto explained that his work demands that he travels frequently, something he did from November to December in 2022.

He says he has, on countless occasions, received calls regarding such prophets but anytime he does, he poses a simple question: “will you, the one calling me, also die?

He revealed categorically that,” I’m not afraid of death …Such prophecies have no effect on me…death is something we all are going to experience at a point in life…I’m not afraid to die….You have nothing…You’ve seen nothing”.

The television host concluded his submission with revealing that the only pastor he believes in and respect is Apostle Dr kwadwo safo.