The hacked YouTube of Alpha Hour has been restored, Pastor Elvis Agyemeng has announced in a Tweet hours ago.

Finally, his prayers to God have been answered and as such can now go back to going Live during the night times.

Pastor Elvis regardless of the tough time is still committed to his divine purposes to the end.

This was how to broke the news,Read it here

On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the founder of the Grace Mountain Ministry announced that the Ministry’s YouTube channel was hacked.

He made public the breach via a Facebook post and indicated that his team is working around the clock to have it restored.

During a live stream episode 269 of his late-hour prayer program Alpha Hour, Pastor Elvis sent out a strong notice to the perpetrators.

He made a very crucial statement about the implications of their actions.

The heartbroken man of God claimed they had subtly staged an uprise against God and his word and that will they will pay dearly for it.

His outburst was slammed by netizens. They said it was not right for the man of God to curse the hackers.