Ghanaian award-winning rapper Lyrical Joe has spoken about his triumph after Edge Hill University students in England studied his rap lyrics despite being a JHS school dropout.

This comes after Edge Hill University had his rap analysed by some students with his metaphorical tracks.

During an interview with Amansan Krakye, Lyrical Joe claimed it’s a blessing for a Junior High School dropout like him to get this far.

He answered “I took the news of my rap being used by university students in England to study as God’s blessing because I always say that I dropped out of school at JHS2.

He continued “So for my lyrics to travel that far to the extent that English-speaking students abroad study with my music in the classroom then I surely see it as a blessing from God.

“I also see it to be a message from God that I shouldn’t give up because I’m being used as an example to someone who might also drop out of school,” he said quoted by

“Anyone who feels that life has come to an end and they can’t do anything should take an inspiration from me if things like this can happen to me it means they also have hope,” he ended on Property FM in Cape Coast.”