Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly known as LilWin, has elaborated on his decision to cast Nigerian actors in his movie project, ‘A Country Called Ghana.’

He emphasized that including international talent would inject fresh energy into the Ghanaian film industry and elevate his status as a movie producer.

Expressing his frustration, LilWin pointed out the hypocrisy of critics who overlooked previous projects featuring Ghanaian talents but were quick to criticize him for collaborating with Nigerian actors.

In a YouTube interview sited by, LilWin stated, “Shouldn’t we aim for progress rather than regress in life? If progress is our goal, then we must pursue endeavors that bring joy to our fans. I’ve worked with numerous Ghanaian musicians and actors in previous projects, yet no one raised objections. Were those individuals from Togo?

He highlighted his past films such as ‘Mr. President’ and ‘Papa No,’ which showcased Ghanaian talents like Maame Dokono. LilWin emphasized the need for innovation in an industry often criticized for its lack of diversity, asserting that introducing international actors was essential for growth and evolution.

Among the Nigerian actors featured in ‘A Country Called Ghana’ are Ramsey Nouah and Awilo Sharp Sharp, underscoring LilWin’s commitment to pushing boundaries and expanding the scope of Ghanaian cinema.


cc: Pulse Ghana