Famous actress Nikki Samonas has urged women to take responsibility and work towards creating a brighter future for themselves in order to prevent depending too much on their male partners.

During an interview on The Ladies Circle, Nikki highlighted that it is the duty of both males and females to nurture and support a child if they are both involved in the child’s creation.

Nevertheless, it was emphasized that women should ensure their financial independence in order to provide for their children in case anything happens to their partner.

She expressed regret that depending too much on a man is not the right approach.

“I don’t see it as a man’s responsibility or a woman’s responsibility. So far as you have produced a child, it is your responsibility. However, if he [the man] decides to leave and he does not take that responsibility or she doesn’t take that responsibility, you have to take the responsibility for both of you. It’s unfortunate. We have to come to the reality that life is not all rosy.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean him leaving, what if he dies? You need to be able to keep in mind that I want to be a responsible woman so I do not rely on the man all the time so I can do something for myself,” she explained.