Ghanaian legendary rapper Reggie Rockstone has advised sensational Black Sherif to create a name for his music style in order to set the trend ongoing.

Black Sherif is known for churning out a different genre of music starting from his first track first sermon to Kweku the Traveler. Black Sherif tracks have a different style that no one in the music industry has come out with.

“When you listen to my son Black Sherif, he doesn’t do Afrobeats, the music is also not exactly Hiplife, he is clearly moving in his own lane,” Mr. Rockstone observed.

“You can see how the world [is receiving him]” he noted.

“So me, I’ve always said this, I don’t chase trends, I create trends,” he stated matter-of-factly before he added: “When others are making music in this direction, I’m going in the other direction.”

Speaking in an interview on Accra 100.5 FM’s ‘Ayekoo Ayekoo’ mid-morning show host Nana Romeo, Reggie Rockstone described Black Sherif as an ‘Amazing” singer.

“His style is so unique and he’s done it over and over,” he returned to Blacko, Black Sherif’s nickname, again.

Suggesting names for the young artiste’s trendy style he brainstormed: “Vibe-Sherif, Sherif-Vibe, Sherif-Sound, Sound-Sherif, Sound-of-Sherif,” and as though inspired, exclaimed, “Villain-Sounds, the namesake of his album.”

Again on the naming, the rap legend and businessman cautioned Black Sherif to “forget the [word] life. If you add life to the name, it’ll come off corny.”

“So many ways but the sound is original. I don’t know who is making the music but he seems to use a very unique [production style] – and even his cadence,” he thought.

“In fact, I’m a big fan,” the Grand Papa pensively indicated. Naming his music style “would be really good judging from what happened to me,” Reggie Rockstone maintained and cautioned: “When you finally do it, give the evidence so 30 years later, after your hard work, no one will come and claim you are not the originator. Have you heard?”