George Lutterodt, a prominent Ghanaian relationship counselor and media personality, has commented on Davido and Chioma Rowland’s recent lavish wedding in Lagos.

The event garnered widespread attention on social media, with Davido speaking Twi and celebrating with guests in a grand ceremony.

While many offered congratulations, Counselor Lutterodt expressed skepticism about the longevity of Davido and Chioma’s marriage.

In an interview with Peace FM, he predicted that their union might not last beyond seven years. Lutterodt cited concerns about past controversies and the tragic loss of a child, suggesting these factors could impact the stability of their relationship.

Lutterodt also pointed to Davido’s history with multiple children from different mothers, raising questions about his commitment to marriage. He hinted that the wedding might be perceived as a gesture rather than a solid foundation built on mutual respect and long-term commitment.

His remarks have sparked online discussion about the complexities of celebrity relationships and the challenges they face under public scrutiny.