Sarkodie has issued a challenge to December in Ghana organizers to spread the holiday spirit to other regions of the nation.

The head of Sarkcess Music, who was speaking in a video that Graphic Showbiz quoted, stated that it was crucial to convey the holiday spirit to other areas.

We ought to share our affection with Ghana.” Since Accra is not the focus of the celebration, Kumasi, Tamale, and other locations must be considered as well. “We must entice the diasporas to visit Ghana and learn more about its culture,” he remarked.

The well-known rapper also exhorted December Ghana stakeholders to come up with creative ideas to sustain the celebration’s momentum.

“In Ghana, we constantly find things naturally, but we need to take deliberate steps to preserve them since we can’t just leave them as is.” It’s a wonderful time, a magical period, and everyone is visiting my nation, which makes me quite proud.

“However, I believe we need to come up with creative solutions to maintain the momentum and have a lot more things going on.” Even if we currently do it, there is room for improvement.

It’s a fantastic period, he said, and I think the government should really grab onto it and figure out how to keep it that way for a very long time.