A young man, yet to be named, who has been at the venue, Modern City Hotel, where Ghanaian Chef Faila has been hosting her cooking marathon has received a brand new iPhone 14.

The phone was handed over to the young man by Iddi Mohammed Faried who took to his social media page to share the details.

According to Faried, a Good Samaritan impressed with the energy and support of the young man decided to dash him a brand new iPhone.

“This guy sleeps at the venue, full of energy, dancing. He has even lost his voice at the moment… A good samaritan asked me to deliver this iPhone to him.”, Faried noted as he shared photos that captured the beautiful moment.

Failatu Abdul-Raza, aka Chef Faila, is on a cooking marathon (Cookathon) quest. She attempts to break the Guinness World Record (GWR) longest cooking marathon (cookathon).

She has so far hit over 100 hours and still going strong. Her challenge is to break the current record at 119 hours and 57 minutes, aiming to set her record by cooking for 120 hours or more.