Akim Swedru Senior High School (Akiss) in the Eastern Region is said to have lost a final-year boarding student.


The 19-year-old student reportedly complained of multiple pains before passing away on February 5, 2024, according to the report

The student, who hails from Asuokow in the upper West Akim district, has been identified as Kester Vadje.

The management is accused of denying the student medical attention, not providing him with an exact to return home for treatment, erroneously accusing him of continually pretending to be ill.

When reality dawned on the authorities and they rushed the boy to the hospital, he had already passed away.

However, the claim that the management of the school refused the students’ medical care is refuted, by Mr. Mr. Eric Afari Agyepong the headmaster of the school.

In an interview with Ahenkan News, he stated that the school management did everything within their power to preserve the student’s life and that they never refused to give the student the precise right to return home for appropriate care.

Mr. Afari noted that the student was rushed to the hospital immediately after he started complaining about his health.

“He was admitted to the sick bay at our school, and upon further referral to St. Agatha’s hospital, it was found that he had a subsequent malaria virus in his system. As a result, he was sent to the government hospital Akim Oda, where he passed away. I, my assistant headmaster, and other teachers were with the student at the hospital when his father arrived, and we departed around nine o’clock that evening”, Mr. Afari said

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