In a surprising turn of events, Mohammed Ismail Sherif, popularly known in the entertainment world as “Black Sherif,” was apprehended at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on the evening of July 19, 2023. The incident sparked a flurry of rumors on social media, but concrete details only emerged in the early hours of July 20, indicating a potential contractual breach behind the detainment.

According to a report by Kofi TV, Black Sherif was stopped upon his arrival in Ghana after his name was flagged on a ‘STOP LIST.’

Sources revealed that he was returning to the country when airport authorities detained him. Subsequently, the musician was transferred to the Accra Police headquarters for further questioning and investigation. The root cause of the detainment is believed to be a contractual dispute revolving around a performance Black Sherif failed to fulfill on a Greece cruise. Kofi Adomah, a host on the Kofi TV YouTube channel, shed light on the matter, explaining that the artist had allegedly reneged on a contract, resulting in a formal complaint being lodged against him. Details of the contentious contract have emerged, indicating that Black Sherif was scheduled to perform in Greece on July 4. The artist had charged a whopping US$40,000 for the performance and had received half of the payment upfront. The remaining balance was supposed to be remitted after he completed the show. However, despite the agreed-upon terms, Black Sherif did not honor the commitment, leading to the present predicament. Before the emergence of concrete details, social media was flooded with reports of the artist’s “arrest.” However, no images or videos were initially available to verify the claims. That changed when popular blogger Nkonkonsa shared what seems to be the first footage of Black Sherif being escorted out of the airport by two individuals—one dressed as a police officer and the other in civilian clothing.

As the situation unfolds, the music industry and Black Sherif’s fans anxiously await further updates and official statements from the authorities involved. shall follow the development