Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Fameye has prioritised the Ghana Music Awards above other international music awards like Grammys and BET Awards.

Speaking in an interview on Accra FM, the songwriter explained that as an upcoming artiste, he had the dream of winning a BET and Grammys award because of the reputable recognition and hype associated with the award.

He said a lyric in his song ‘Destiny’ which reads “Grammys, I want to be there” is a testament of how he yearned for the international award.

He noted that this was despite the value and excitement he witnessed as a young boy while watching legends like Okomfo Kwadee and others win the Ghana Music Awards.

However, Fameye said after reflecting and reviewing his priorities, he has come to the realisation that the Ghana Music Awards is more important to him than the Grammys and BET.

“I have received Ghana Music Awards which is worth more than the Grammys and BET. This is where I was born and raised. This is where when I perform in my native language my fans are excited. The support that has made me who I am came from this country.

“And it is when you have a massive support from your home country that you can rise to those desired heights [winning a Grammy or BET]…henceforth I would say Ghana Music Awards is heavier than Grammys,” Fameye said on Wednesday, February 21.

He said it would even make a great impression when officials of the Recording Academy, organisers of the Grammys come to Ghana and notice artistes like “Peter [Fameye] and Kwesi Arthur and others have prestigious national awards.

Fameye clarified he is not against winning a Grammy or BET.

“If I get a Grammy or BET, I’d be glad but from now onwards, I’m saying Ghana Music Awards is heavier than the Grammys. So I continuously win Ghana Music Awards and I move on to a Grammy and BET, my fans will be delighted.”

“Ultimately, these awards, embolden and arm your fans to defend your honour when someone belittles your talent or effort,” he added. “It makes them proud of us, and proud to associate with us.”

He emphasised that whether he wins a Grammy in his lifetime or not, “I’m content. What’s more important is to win Ghana Music Awards.”

Fameye won the Songwriter of the Year (2022) at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for his hit song Praise.