The country’s widespread unemployment rate has been attributed by gospel singer and ardent NPP supporter Diana Asamoah to the youth’s lack of opportunity.

She claims that although there are many jobs available to young people in the nation, their character and particular behaviours prevent them from being hired.

The gospel singer stated that recent events showing poor behaviour by some people who are providing the assistance they require have deterred others from helping others.

Diana Asamoah, in an interview on Kingdom FM, claimed that there is no hardship in Ghana and attributed the high rate of mass unemployment to the youth.

Nearly 90% of the youth I hear complaining about not finding a job have jobs they could do but can’t because of their character. Again, I’ll say it: most Ghanaians lack employment due to their character. It’s a fact, she stated.

That there is hardship in Ghana is untrue,” she said. Some people shouldn’t have any trouble with it. Since you work here, you could have been fired by now if it weren’t for your integrity and hard work.”