– Odi Ahenkan, CEO and Radio Presenter, has revealed that he had a tough time growing up but made it in life at the end

– According to him, financial difficulties prevented him from successfully going through senior high school

– Odi Ahenkan used his experience as a case in point to advise the youth not to allow their challenges to hold them back but rather focus on what will bring their successes

In an interview with TalkLifeGh sighted by Odacitizen.com,Odi Ahenkan indicated that the reason he failed in high school at the time was chiefly because of financial difficulties.


The host of Drive Time on Peace FM who was interviewed in the video by Nana Yaa Konadu indicated that in his first high school, authorities repeated him in class as he was unable to foot his bills.

Being unsatisfied with this, Odi Ahenkan decided to convince his father to take him to another school but the problem still persisted and he was not allowed to register for his examinations.

In the third instance, the young ambitious student sought help for his registration, and this time, he was aided by his headmistress who came to assist him financially.

After going through all these hurdles, Odi Ahenkan has made it in life and is now the CEO of a Community Hospital, a Community Radio, and a block factory among others.

He encouraged the youth to ignore difficult hurdles in life and focus on where their strengths are if they want to make it despite all the challenges that life brings.