Our lives are better when we have friends because they provide us with happiness, support, and company. Kwaku Manu, a well-known Ghanaian actor, has struggled to make friends because of sad events that have rendered him friendless and alone.

The actor, who is also a singer and television host, admitted to Graphic Showbiz that he didn’t have any friends because of backstabbing, some horrible experiences he had in the film industry, and some of his pals.

Kwaku said, “For the past seven years, it’s just been me, my kids, my family, and no friends. I don’t have anyone I can call a friend right now. I spend most of my time at home taking care of my business and my kids.

“These days, I only leave the house when the business requires me, like when I have to go shoot skits or do interviews. The majority of the time, I am at home with my kids. In actuality, if I hadn’t had my kids with me after the divorce, my life would have been in worse shape. When I see them, I put my troubles to rest. I thus never make jokes with them.