Yaw Dabo has advised people to ignore parents who didn’t take care of them when they eventually make it.
Ghanaian actor Yaw Dabo has used his life to advise people against caring for irresponsible parents.

Gracing an event in Kumasi, the actor seized the opportunity to advise the people at the event.

He said he doesn’t take care of his father because growing up he was neglected by him so he owes him no care after he’s struggled to make it.

The actor and football academy owner said this generation should stop pampering irresponsible parents and make it to point ignore them so the next generation will learn from it.

According to him, children should study their parents now and make it a point to reward only the ones taking care of them when they grow up.


He talked about how some parents ignore the responsibility towards their kids and use their money for funeral expenses and lottery.