Veteran Kumawood actor, Paa George has disclosed that he has fathered more than 20 children, thought the actor officially to have accepted responsibility of only five children

As he recounted his career journey from the days of “Concert Party” to his transition into the movie industry, Paa George also shared the challenges faced by artists striving for recognition.

Many of the women he fathered children with in his heydays, Paa George has revealed, did not in fact recognize him as their dad.

He attributed this lack of acknowledgement to the prevailing disrespect for actors and actresses whereby it had made personal relationships difficult.

Speaking on the root cause of the lack of respect, Paa George pointed out that stereotypes about entertainers at the time did not allow entertainers to build a genuine relationships in order to marry women of their choice.

From the presidents to the children, everyone liked these ladies. I was rather troublesome; they used to call me Kwadwo Blackie. Those days we used to work with ladies most of them so we got the chance to have some affairs with them,” Paa George remembered.

The disrespected Concert Party could, therefore, not take responsibility of the children born out of fathering them. Paa George remarked that whichever time he tried to take responsibility for such a child birthed by some woman, he was rejected by the parents upon being revealed his stand in Concert Party.

“Those times, they did not respect our work so when you impregnate a woman and you want to take responsibility, their parents even reject you. When they question your work background and realized you are into Concert Party they will drive you away — Paa George explained.

Despite these challenges, Paa George pop Kwadwo Blackie is still credited to his acting due to his talent in the art and has featured in movies like the newcomer ‘Public Toilet Africa’ (2021), ‘Princess Tyra’ (2007), and ‘Black Star’ (2006).

With over three decades in the Ghanaian movie industry, he remains actively engaged in film projects.