Celebrated Ghanaian actor Wayoosi born Joseph Osei recently in a chit-chat with Ambassador Tv recounted how the absence of Agya Koo in the movie scene affected his career.

Having featured in several compelling movies with Agya Koo, he complained in the interview that he has been denied roles because people believe he is only good when paired with his godfather, Agya Koo.

And now, he has reiterated the popular opinion that Agya Koo brings the best out of him when a director pairs them in a given movie role.

Once again, Wayoosi showcased his acting prowess in a new series titled Asirifi “The Drunkard” featuring Agya Koo and the duo proved that indeed their combination is one in a million.

Asirifi “The Drunkard” series features Agya Koo, Wayoosi, Bediide, Pilato, AMA Tundra, Obaa Akua, Et Al. Enjoy the action via the video link below courtesy Okodie GH on YouTube.