Actress and socialite Efia Odo, from Ghana, has revealed that she felt unfulfilled at one point in her life when she stopped worshipping Christ.

She remembered that she was brought up with values consistent with Christianity and that her upbringing was firmly based on them.

The socialite disclosed that she felt empty because she stopped going to church and eventually stopped worshipping Christ because she wanted to seek God on her own.


Regardless of the criticism and opinions of others, Efia has declared that she has made the decision to return to Christ and worship Him fervently.

My parents were Christians, and I spent my entire childhood worshipping Jesus. Yes, there was a moment when I wanted to turn away from the church and find God for myself. My worship of Christ had left me empty. Nobody can persuade me otherwise now that I am back in Christ. “If you believe that I have been brainwashed, then fine; I do not require saving,” she wrote on her X page.


Efia replied to a query on social media about her religious convictions and her current status as a believer.

It was also mentioned that she belonged to the Makers House Chapel.