Lynx Entertainment signee has revealed he went after Mr Drew for his share of royalties on “Case” because he’s senior in the game and can “bully” him.

Kuami Eugene was speaking on not receiving royalties from music duo, Keche on their song “No Dulling” on the Day Show with Berla Mundi when he made this statement.

According to him, he involved lawyers on his battle with Mr Drew because he was in the game before Mr Drew came along.

“Mr Drew might be older than me but I came before him so I can bully him. Mr Drew is like a next door neighbour, we can vibe. After all that happened, he still called and sent me 50% of my royalties,” he stated.

Speaking on why he let his royalties battle with Keche go, he explained saying;

“If I respect you because you started this thing before me and now we have a project out there and you are aware you’ve made money and you want me to approach you and say I still haven’t received anything.”

Watch video below;