Founder of Bills Micro-Credit, formerly known as Quick Credit, Richard Nii-Armah Quaye, has shared the humble beginnings of his entrepreneurial journey, revealing that he sold his family’s domestic items to kickstart his company.

Quaye disclosed that the idea to establish his company came to fruition after he returned to Ghana following years of living abroad.

Upon his return, he found himself being perceived as wealthy by members of his community, who often approached him for financial assistance.

Despite not returning with substantial funds, Quaye said he seized the opportunity to becoming a loan shark in his locality.

According to him, his venture started on a small scale, with him disbursing loans to community members for various purposes such as school fees, medical expenses, and other necessities.

To raise capital for his venture, Quaye said he made the difficult decision to sell off family possessions, including their TV and freezers. The proceeds from these sales served as the initial investment for his business.

Over time, as his business expanded, it evolved into Quick Credit and Micro Investments, catering to a larger clientele and offering a wider range of financial services.