Yaw Dabo, a well-known Kumawood actor, recently admitted in an interview that he has stopped paying tithes and offertory to the church.

He confessed that he felt he wasn’t being honest with God when he used to give 10% of his earnings to the church, so he decided to stop to avoid attracting curses to himself.

Dabo, who is currently on a business trip in France, revealed that instead of faithfully giving his tithe as instructed in the Bible, he was cutting corners and being deceitful.

He believed that paying tithes without sincerity can bring curses upon oneself rather than blessings.

The diminutive actor also mentioned that giving offerings in church just for the show can also result in negative consequences.

He emphasized the importance of taking one’s faith seriously and urged other Christians to do the same.

Dabo’s statements may not sit well with his pastor and other religious leaders in Ghana, as tithing is considered a significant obligation in the Christian faith.

Despite his decision to stop paying tithes, the actor is still in the process of seeking redemption and remains committed to his faith.