TV3 presenter, Berla Mundi has finally opened up on her exit from EIB Network.

The TV3 presenter Berla Mundi disclosed that she was living a nightmare towards the end of her tenure at EIB Network, which is why she decided to call it quit.

Berla described how she went from the EIB to Media General, crossing carpets, and she claimed it wasn’t as simple as people would have assumed.

Mundi claimed that although she had originally been reluctant to quit when TV3 first contacted her, she had reconsidered at the last minute and had even signed a contract.

She claims that she had a great deal of trouble doing her duties when she returned to the EIB because of several attempts to undermine her and backbite.

Six months later, Berla stated things got so bad that she called TV3 and quit her job permanently. She claimed to have become despondent and totally disengaged from her work.