In an interview with Prime Morning, the Ghanaian gospel musician Celestine Donkor disclosed that she organized the first-ever gospel performance 13 years ago.

She claims that, despite the rarity of such an event at the time, more than 2000 people came to her maiden concert. Celestine credited the high number to the fact that it was the first time a female hosted such a program and how her team went all out on the concert publicity.

She also stated that she only had one single before the event and that she had to sing songs by other artists in addition to other tunes that were in the public domain. It was intriguing to have the event begin on such a note. It went okay considering that supernatural was the only music I had at the time. She remarked.

According to the gospel diva, she created Celestial Praise after becoming concerned that Sunday morning worship services were frequently missed by those who were running late. According to her, doing this will give people plenty of time to praise and worship God.