Ghanaian musician Barbara Naa Okailey, popularly known as OV, has recounted her life after being sacked by Stonebwoy.

You may recall that OV was sacked by Burniton Music boss Stonebwoy a few years ago, and she was accused of being a drug addict because of her disheveled or unkempt appearance.

In her previous interviews, OV constantly claimed that her sacking was for no apparent reason and that she was not to fault, as Ayisha Modi had made Ghanaians believe on social media.

However, in a recent interview with presenter Giovanni on 3FM Drive, OV has admitted that she was depressed and battling with her mental health following her exit from Stonebwoy’s Burniton Music Group.

It was after the exit. It was something that hit me very hard. It got me thinking, ‘Am I not enough? It started giving me doubts about deserving to be on a label. It put me through some state that I will not wish for my enemy. It put me through a lot. I was depressed. It got to a point I stayed away from everybody.”
OV revealed that she had a psychotic break while on tour with another musician. She described how she almost ripped her clothing off and had to be rushed home in an Uber.

The former Bhim Nation and MTN hitmaker winner claimed that, she was institutionalized after her depression progressed into a psychotic breakdown that left her paralyzed.

“I was at a friend’s event. When I got there, I felt like something was not right. So I went out. I started feeling a burning sensation and wanted to take off my clothes.
“I was confined for two weeks. It got to a point where they gave me an overdose of the medicine, unknowingly, and I was paralyzed and drooling all over”.
When asked about her purported addiction, OV stated that she had never used narcotic drugs. She attributed her mental ailment on depression. Music, according to OV, also saved her and some mentally challenged people at the sanitarium

OV is no longer signed to a record label and is currently promoting her new tune, Shush, which digs deeper into her struggles and salvation.