Ghanaian Musician and entrepreneur, Criss Waddle has shared his bizarre life story about how a Pentecost Church advised him and his mother to sleep in the school park.

The AMG boss took to social media and shared a photo of the Pentecoastal Church in Tema’s Community 5 that abandoned him and his mother when they were looking for a place to sleep some years ago but the church Ministry told them that there was no room for them.

According to him, the church advised them to sleep at the school park because there are no available rooms for them, even though they are vacant, because they have been reserved for senior pastors and they may be able to find help elsewhere.

“This is the community 5 Pentecost church that told my mum and I that rooms available are for senior pastor so we should sleep at the school park till morning, maybe we will find help 2 rooms Dey empty but e be for senior pastors when there is a Convention – he said

Criss Waddle went further and stated that, he can pull down the church and build thirty or more rooms for them today, but he will not do so because he desires to watch Curvy Ladies in a nightclub.

He also revealed how he received blessings from his Muslim brothers after building a mosque 14 years ago after the Pentecostal church rejected him and his mother.

“Today I fit break down this church then rebuild am with 30plus rooms,but I no go do, I go rather take go strip club go watch curvy women, built a mosque 14 years ago and the prayers from those Muslims has always been enough for me,go ask Alhaji Tanko”

Source: Hello