Kwaku Ananse hitmaker, Amerado has revealed that there’s no way he is going to accept public pressure from people to live perceived celebrity and flashy lifestyle just to please people.

Speaking in a recent interview with MX24TV and reported by Ghanaweb, Amerado noted that there have been a number of times that his course mates have questioned his reason for pursuing university education with the belief that he is well to do as a celebrity so can survive without education.

But Amerado explained that he will not live a fake life including driving a Range Rover, at a time he cannot afford it just to please the society when his mother is hungry.

“I remember after one class, my colleagues came to me, and then they said they would want to have a chitchat with me. They sat me down and they did an interview. Like, ‘Why is it that you have all the money? You are an artiste, you have a car, and you are coming back?’ and I said, ‘I don’t have all the money. I want to seek all the knowledge first.

“When you have celebrity status, people have a certain image of you. Fans want to see you in a Range Rover, but it all boils down to you and your story. People know me as that guy from Kumasi who’s been struggling to make it to the top.

“You don’t expect me to drive a Range Rover while I can’t cater for my mother. I don’t let people’s perceptions get a hold of me. I just live my life as a normal guy. When I have, I give. When I don’t, I seek,” he said.