Following Fella Makafui’s recent statement about their marital situation, Ghanaian rapper Medikal has responded by requesting the return of his wedding ring and the engagement drinks he provided to her family.

Fella had previously announced that they had mutually decided to end their four-year marriage several months ago and expressed disappointment over Medikal’s public comments, which she says have hurt her reputation. However reacting to Fella’s statement in the comment section of her manager’s, IG, the rapper revealed he’s ready for an official divorce. stating “As she say she no want this anymore, I’m just waiting for my ring and the drinks. Anytime you guys are ready, I am here.”

In a press release dated May 18, 2024, Fella confirmed their separation and mentioned her decision to seek legal action to ensure her and her daughter’s safety and to formalize co-parenting duties with Medikal. This follows Medikal’s recent allegations on social media, including claims of physical abuse and an incident where Fella called the police on him after he asked her cousin to leave their home. The pair is now engaged in a custody battle over their house and daughter.