Diminutive Ghanaian celebrity, Firdaus Iddrisu popularly known as Shatta Bandle, considers his stature a blessing in his life.

In an interview with Is Hassan Dablee on Hyper TV, Shatta Bandle stated that despite his nature, he is more successful and responsible than people who claim to have been created perfectly by God.

According to him, his appearance has created more opportunities in his life, and he is grateful to God.

“I have gotten life-changing opportunities because of the way I am, so I am grateful to God for how I was made…I am always happy with myself because I am a very successful, rich, and famous young man, and I believe I achieved this through the way I was created”. He said

He added, “I am more successful and responsible than many who believe they were perfectly moulded by God. Who knows if I would have been poor like them if I was created ‘perfectly’ like they thought they were.”