Ghanaian Highlife musician, Kuami Eugene, has disclosed that he is doing all he can to stop his boys from inflicting harm on his ‘look-alike’.

What started as a mere comic relief has transcended into serious business as look-alikes of some artistes including Kuami Eugene have been captured at media interviews and performing at events.

Sharing his thoughts on the issue, Kuami Eugene said they might be having a swirl of a time now but things might get messy soon.

‘The Rockstar’ said there are thugs in Fadama who are itching to teach his look-alike a lesson.

The LYNX Entertainment signee averred that, at times, he gets really scared of how things could turn out if the young man keeps towing this path.

“Now, he is enjoying it until things get bad. I am scared for him because where I come from, they don’t like that. The reason they did not act in the first place is that I stopped them. Initially, I told them to leave him and that he was just having fun. I have had people say they want to mafia him. Bro, I come from Fadama!

“Now these people are back and they are asking me whether I can see he is now performing at events? They said they warned me about him and asked to mafia him and I refused so now can I see how things are going? I keep calming them down. They don’t like what is going on,” he said during a discussion on MX24 monitored by GhanaWeb.

He has labeled as disrespectful and selfish, the manner in which these look-alikes are parading themselves on social media.

“That is maximum disrespect! It’s another story when you love the person and want to represent them on social media. But when it gets to a level where it becomes too much, and you see what’s going on and you’re enjoying it, it has repercussions. People don’t care about people, people are just selfish,” he added.

Earlier in May 2022, Kuami Eugene and KiDi’s look-alike were seen performing their songs at a private event.

This comes after Kuami Eugene performed together with his ‘replica’ at an event in Kumasi, and also gifted him $100 when they first met at Angel FM.