Gyakie, a Ghanaian Afrobeats singer, has revealed that the fear of falling in love with the wrong person is the only thing keeping her from entering into a romantic relationship.

Speaking in an interview, the sensational love singer explained that it has become very difficult for her to fall in love because she cannot tell who genuinely loves her and who wants to ride along because of her fame.

“So, I haven’t fallen in love because it is very difficult to tell who loves you for who you are or to tell who loves you because I am Gyakie and they want to brag about it, so that is another hazard,” Gyakie explained.

Notwithstanding her fears, the lovebird says she is ready to mingle and give love a shot.
She said, “Although there’s this fear and trying to make sure it is the best, I am still ready and very ready to mingle and give love a chance. So come, come, shot your shot!”