Ayisha Modi, a contentious social media influencer, recently claimed in a viral video that she helped musician KiDi get better.

Ayisha Modi asserted that she was aware of Aberewa Nana’s spiritual cures’ efficacy because they had previously assisted her in resolving a variety of spiritual-related problems.

In the video, Ayisha Modi acknowledged that she immediately got in touch with KiDi’s management group to recommend Aberewa Nana as a potential source of relief for the struggling musician.

The music promoter continued by stating that Aberewa Nana was well-known and revered in her community for her work as a traditional healer.

According to Ayisha Modi, who recommended Aberewa Nana, she did so because of the healer’s effective traditional remedies, which she had personally used.

Ayisha Modi also disclosed that she had previously turned to Aberewa Nana’s spiritual direction when she had encountered difficult circumstances.

She asserted that Aberewa Nana had consistently provided her with effective remedies that had helped her overcome her problems. Ayisha Modi’s trust in Aberewa Nana’s spiritual abilities could explain why she was so quick to suggest her services to KiDi’s management team in their time of need.

Kidi returned to social media after months away with a brand-new song and a somber message outlining his state of health.

Source: Dklassgh.Com