Well-known Ghanaian media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly referred to as “Delay,” has advised her fans to keep quiet about their own accomplishments.


Delay stated that sharing one’s goals with others can often lead to them being shared, rather than a lack of effort or potential, in a post published on Facebook on May 20, 2024.

She emphasised the value of keeping one’s plans confidential, saying that disclosing too much could result in others, whether on purpose or accidentally, undermining what could have been a successful outcome.


“Purchasing a home? Keep your mouth shut. Purchasing a new vehicle? Keep your mouth shut. Are you getting hitched? Keep your mouth shut. Are you taking a vacation? Keep your mouth shut. Attending a course? Keep your mouth shut. Obtaining a promotion? Keep your mouth shut.

“We speak too soon to the wrong people at the wrong time, which is the reason that, 99% of the time, our dreams and visions do not come true when they should,” the speaker stated.


She made the point that envy can be felt by even people who seem to be friends, and it can have a bad effect on someone is ability to succeed.

Delay also cautioned her audience that family members should be considered as well, as they may harbour jealousies of their own.


“We made a mistake by telling people who call themselves “friends” about our endeavours and accomplishments. Shut up! Envy and subtle jealousy are enough to give people something to work with and destroy what could have been before it did.


“Most of your so-called friends wish you well, but never better than them! Furthermore, a reminder! Family members are secretly envious as well!


Delay clarified that such jealousy is insufficient to prevent what God has planned for a person, saying, “But they cannot stop what God has for you!” in spite of these cautions.