Meek Mill has taken to social media to indirectly plead for the release of the gentleman who allegedly stole his phone on Thursday, December 29, 2022.

The rapper in a tweet revealed that he does not really recall how the phone got missing in the first place.

Contrary to his earlier claim that he was ‘pickpocketed‘, the ‘God Did’ crooner in the tweet said that it is likely the alleged thief picked the phone from the floor after it fell from his pocket while he was on his bike.

Meek Mill stressed that all he wanted was to get back his phone and also, he does not see the need for someone to be locked behind bars for a phone he does not really remember how he lost it.

‘I coulda dropped that phone on a dirt bike I don’t actually know for a fact somebody went in my pocket! I got it back that’s all I needed I don’t need anybody locked up for a phone.., I don’t even know what happened to it,’ he wrote.

The phone was retrieved by the Ghana Police Service on Friday, December 2022.

In a statement, they indicated that the suspect, Nuhu Sule, alias Ababaawa was arrested on Friday, December 30, 2022, at his hideout in Accra.

He is currently in police custody and will be taken through the due process of the law.