In her 20 years of singing in the Ghanaian music arena, gospel singer Piesie Esther has shared painful memories.

In regards to her 20 years in the music business, she said, “I always say that what has occurred to me over these years is quite a lot, and what has unfolded in my life over these years is a lot.”

“There are many hurts in my narrative,” Piesie Esther said. “I used to cry on numerous occasions, and I was often really depressed mixed with problems that made me feel like I wasn’t making any progress.”

Piesie Esther gave testimony on Kumasi’s Hello FM, saying that the previous 20 years had been filled with anguish and suffering.

“I’ve gone through a lot of suffering,” she added. “Sometimes I felt like there was nothing I could do anymore since whatever I was doing wasn’t making any progress.”