Showboy, the Ghanaian musician who recently returned from prison in the United States of America (USA) has given valuable lessons to Ghanaians living abroad.

Having been deported to Ghana after serving his sentence, he charged Ghanaians abroad not to engage in fraudulent activities – something he said caused his downfall.

My mom took me to the USA, hoping to control my bad behaviour, but I was already too far gone,” Showboy said in an interview with Jerry Justice on Adom FM.

He recounted his journey in the music industry and how meeting Criss Waddle inspired him to push the AMG movement in 2012.

However, his love for friends and peer pressure led him astray, landed him in prison and he has now been banned from the USA until his 10-year probation ends.

Showboy urged the youth in America to avoid fraudulent activities and take advantage of the opportunities available in the US.

“Don’t sacrifice America for Ghana, otherwise, you will regret it,” he advised.

Showboy cautioned against making too many friends, as it can hinder personal development and lead to negative influences.

“If you follow friends, you will die early,” Showboy warned, sharing his own experiences of losing significant opportunities due to bad company and bad decisions.

Reflecting on his current situation, Showboy said he is struggling and can hardly make ends meet.

Despite these challenges, he remains hopeful and determined not to return to his old life.

I have learnt that, I cannot come here to do fraud, scam, sell drugs, or steal from people,” he stated, emphasizing the importance of staying on the right path.w