The topic of Nana Ama McBrown leaving UTV for ONUA TV is now buzzing on social media, and Ghanaian star Oboy Siki has joined the conversation.

Some Despite Media employees have criticized McBrown for the decision, while others have claimed that her old employers helped develop her as a stronger television presenter.

Ola Michael, Abena Moet, and Kwame Nkrumah Tikese are prominent figures at Despite Media who are promoting the ungrateful attitude on social media right now.

In response to these assertions made by Ola Michael and his group, Oboy Siki has criticized them and told them to stop talking senseless nonsense since their reasoning is unfounded.

Oboy Siki, known for his acrimonious nature, adamantly asserted that Nana Ama McBrown is larger than UTV in an exclusive interview with Alexis De Godson.

He claimed that Nana Ama McBrown, who worked for UTV before she became involved with it, was the one who made the television network popular.

The actor, who has more than three decades of experience in the film business, further stated that Nana Ama McBrown was already a well-known star before joining UTV, so claims that the media helped establish her as a household name should be disregarded.

Oboy Siki stated during the interview that Nana Ama McBrown was operating in a “risk zone” because of her commentators, Kwame A Plus and Bulldog, who frequently got her into difficulty with their statements.