Rockstar Kuami Eugene has advised Ghanaian men to work hard and become a better version of themselves if they want ladies to chase them.

The musician has admitted that, as a young man, many ladies rejected his proposal, however, the story has changed after he worked so hard to become the Kuami Eugene he is now.

The “Monica” hitmaker has said that ever since he was able to make a name for himself in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, no Ghanaian lady has ever rejected his proposal.

The young musician said that the ladies he is talking about are not just ordinary ladies but beautiful ladies with “goods”.

Rockstar revealed that not only do these ladies accept his proposal, but when they start to date, they listen and do everything he tells them to do.

He added that there have been instances where ladies have also approached him with love proposals.

According to him, no day has ever passed without a lady approaching him and wanting to start a relationship with him.