Popular Ghanaian songstress, Mzbel is insinuating that his son, Kwame Adepa, now known as Okomfo Black is shunned in school by his mates for his recent comments about the existence of God.

He wrote, “After the spectacular and ear catching interview of #okomfoblack, at his age and the in-depth knowledge he has about our ancestors, at school and his neighbourhood, I know the African Ghanaian Christians will start advising their children never to make him their friend, but the good thing is that the gods and the ancestors got your back always champion”.

With the said post possibly summing up just how much she feels at the current happening, the 16 year old hitmaker shared the post with the caption, “Yes, it’s already happening at his school”.

Mzbel and her 10 year old son have been the centre of conversations following an interview the latter had where he boldly expressed his nonconforming views about God. (Read also: I did not break any law sharing my daughter’s bathing video on social media – Mzbel )

The said interview has attracted both praises and criticisms but Mzbel has shown great support for her son.

Mzbel’s post

In a post on her Instagram page yesterday, Mzbel said they don’t believe in God because anything or everything that has life is a god.

“YES! We don’t believe in the existence of an Almighty God, because we know that everything or anything that has life no matter how big or small is a God, that is why when we pour libation (Pray) we acknowledge and honour all those energies (God). Our ancestors are dead but their blood and spirit runs through us, we are their DNA so we honour them too,” she wrote.