Renowned Ghanaian pastor and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Kwaku Agyei Antwi, popularly known as Rev Obofour, has expressed his admiration for fellow minister and musician, Cecilia Marfo, by presenting her with a generous gift of Gh20,000.

Acknowledging himself as a huge fan of Cecilia Marfo, Rev. Obofour shared that one of her songs played a pivotal role in helping him overcome a challenging situation.

Touched by the impact of her music on his life, Rev. Obofour made a vow to show his appreciation whenever he had the opportunity to meet Cecilia Marfo.

Fulfilling his promise, Rev. Obofour handed over GH¢20,000 in cash during a congregation gathering. He expressed his admiration for her resilience in the face of controversies and emphasized his belief in supporting individuals who have been misunderstood.

He further expressed his love and admiration for the singer who recently made known how negative comments have affected the number of her congregation.

Rev Obofour, while presenting the above mentioned money to Cecilia, encouraged her to be fervent in spirit as she continues to do the work of her maker. He further shared how he has had his fair share of social media trolls as well as negative comments from Ghanaians, but decided to ignore and stay focused.

Obofour advised the crooner not to pay attention to what people say about her and rather focus on the reward she will receive from God at the appointed time.