In a heartfelt revelation, Ghanaian iconic actress Grace Omaboe, also known as Maame Dokono, claimed to have contributed to the success of many people throughout her illustrious acting career.

In a recent interview, Maame Dokono disclosed that she has supported notable figures including Shatta Wale and Asamoah Gyan, as well as other individuals in both the corporate and medical sectors.

Maame Dokono, known for her humble demeanour, remarked that the reason for her philanthropic is to ‘alleviate suffering’ in the community.

In explaining her support and prospects for Shatta Wale, Dokono said that the singer was previously a ‘Gong-Gong’ beater on her popular show ‘By The Fireside’

She emphasised that the dancehall star, in particular, found consolation and guidance through her mentorship and assistance.

“Shatta Wale started as a gong-gong beater on ‘By the Fireside’… he’s just one of the many individuals I’ve assisted,” she said on Tv3.

Meanwhile, a gong-gong beater is someone who plays a gong, a metal percussion instrument, with a mallet or beater.

Gong players are often skilled musicians who use an array of techniques to produce various gong sounds and tones.