A married taxi driver passes away in a guest house during an intimate encounter with his Side Ch!ck in Kasoa.”

A somber update from Kasoa reveals that a married taxi driver named Akwasi Yeboah has passed away, leaving behind his wife and two lovely daughters.

UTV’s report states that Akwasi Yeboah passed away at Happy Guest House in Kasoa while he was with his lover.

It has been verified that Akwasi Yeboah consumed an excessive amount of sɛxual enhancement dru..gs before he arrived at the guesthouse with his companion.

During the activity, he suddenly passed out and lost consciousness, requiring the guest house manager and his mistress to quickly take him to the hospital.

Despite administering oxygen for an extended period, doctors ultimately declared him deceased.

When informed that her husband had passed away while with his mistress, the man’s wife declined to visit him in the hospital.