The General Manager of Victory Executive Driving School and also the CEO of KAM 3 SAFE CONSULT,Mr Frank Agyei- Monney has outlined the positive and side of the use of Pragya Tricycles in Akim Oda, Eastern Region .

People of Akim Oda calling out for Pragya should know the following negative and positive side of Pragya.
*✍🏾 Frank Agyei-Monney*
(Road Safety campaigner)

– Our laws currently do not recognize motor cycle & Pragya usage for commercial purpose.
That is why the number plate is blue and roadworthy is cut annually. *(Compare to trotro and taxi)*

-Insurance claims
If a person uses it for commercial purpose and something happens, claiming insurance for the victims is difficult. This is because the machine was registered as private.

(Meaning you take Pragya at your own risk)

-The weight of Pragya is very light therefore bypassing a vehicle with high speed will definitely affect the stability.

-Driving through bad roads is scary, people flip and fall because there is no seat belt and the sides are opened.

-Currently there is no professional or legal establishment that train the riders. Meaning only unprofessionals will be riding and conveying passengers.

-These days, only young boys below the age 18 have been riding it.

-Accident statistics show that the number of injured people through motorcycles and Pragya is currently on the rise.

– Their behavior on the road is always a threat to other moving vehicles due to their size and engine capacity.

– Their fuel consumption is low therefore, prices are low as compared to our normal fares.

– They are eco friendly.