Songstress Adina Thembi has shockingly revealed that there’s nothing wrong with male managers having a sexual relationship with their female artists.
Voicing her opinion on this age-long debate about whether it’s ethical for female artists to cross paths with their managers on the side of their relationship in an interview, the smooth-singing musician said so long as the pair mutually go on that tangent, then no one should have qualms about it.

“There is nothing wrong as long as the artiste is not underage. If she is matured enough and the two of them understand that this is what they are doing and can separate that from their work and make sure they are successful then that’s fine,” she argued.

Adina claims that having a sexual relationship with your manager is not uncommon in the music industry, but the most crucial thing is that both managers and their female artists must maintain a professional demeanor and carry out their duties in order to advance their brands.

“If you are a professional and you know this is your job description, knowing that day in day out this is what you supposed to do for the artiste, the artiste also understands that she is supposed to do music then that’s fine. That is how it should work so any extra thing is extra. They (sexual relationships) are all extra-curricular activities” Adina stressed.