Police investigation has established that Christopher Ekow Quansah Clarke, the Mankessim Akwakrom Tufuhene and Pastor Michael Darko involved in the murder of 25-year-old Georgina Asor Botchwey, have confessed to killing three other persons.

The murder of Asor Botchwey makes it four, the number of persons Nana Clarke and his accomplice have allegedly killed.

The witness said the accused persons first took the team to the house of the Tufuhene at Mankessim and Akwakrom near Mankessim, where they carried out their criminal activities.

The police thoroughly searched the rooms and took vital documents and information for further investigation.

Again, in Mankessim, the two took the police team to a location where a male teacher was allegedly invited by them and was shot and killed instantly and his toes cut.

The police were also taken to a location in the Ekumfi District where they allegedly shot and killed a female trader and buried her under a bridge in the Ekumfi District.

The team also visited a location at Batanya in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamakese District, where they allegedly killed a young lady from Kumasi.

The two pretended to be travel agents and prepared a travelling document for her to travel to Holland.

The two allegedly told the police that they met the lady at Batanyaa on the Cape Coast-Assin Fosu Highway and killed her.

The family of the deceased, who was at the mortuary in Cape Coast on Thursday afternoon, identified the body of their relative.

Meanwhile, a crack team of police personnel from the Central Regional Command were also led by the accused persons to arrest a 26-year-old mason in Mankessim, in connection with the alleged murder.

Reported says the third suspect, identified as one Abbey, the inlaw of Quansah has been arrested.

According to the sources, Quansah confessed to having hired the husband of one Esi Akyere to dig the pit in his houses at Mankessim.

Following the revelation, the police swiftly moved to the community and with the backing of the chiefs arrested Abbey, who initially denied the act but later admitted to digging the pit for ¢50.

According to Abbey, who is also one of the leaders of the Youth Volunteer Group in the community, the Tufohen paid him the agreed amount in instalments of ¢20 and ¢30 respectively after the work.

Baffled by the revelation of the suspect, the sources said, the chiefs assembled all the members of the Youth Volunteer Group and impressed on them to confess if they were complicit in the murder case, but they all denied any knowledge of it.

The sources also said police personnel had been stationed at the deserted family house of the Tufuhene where two dugout holes were found in two obscure and dirty separate rooms while it had also intensified patrols.

Earlier, Nana Akwa III, the Chief of Akwakrom, at a press conference, called for the arrest and inquiry into the activities of a fetish priest in the community and one Mr Kwesi Gyan, the Abiradze Ebusuapayin of the Tufuhene who could not be tracked since the news broke out.

We are appealing to the police to interrogate his fetish priest in the community who the Tufohen liked so much and took cover prior to his arrest,” Nana Akwa pleaded.

Nana Akwa, who is also a legal practitioner, wondered how the Tufohen dug the craters containing numerous bottles and dead materials without the knowledge of the Ebusuapanyin.

“Since the arrest of the Tufohen, all attempts to reach his Ebusuapanyin, who was always in the community, have not been successful. There is no way anyone can dig out two pits in two separate rooms in a family house without the knowledge of the Ebusuapanyin. This is incomprehensible.

More so, prior to the arrest of the Tufohen, his Ebusuapanyin was billed to meet the Chief and elders on some teething community issues, but he cannot be found. And why is he not answering our calls,” the Chief revealed


District Court II in Cape Coast has remanded a self-styled Pastor and Tufuhene of Ekwamkrom into police custody to reappear before the court on 4th October 2022.

The two accused persons, Michael Darko alias Nana 1, a self-styled Pastor and Christopher Ekow Clarke, Tufuhene of Akwakrom, a suburb of Mankessim in the Central region were arrested at their various hideouts for allegedly kidnapping, murdering and burying a student nurse.

The two have confessed to murdering the victim, Georgina Asor Botwe, for money rituals.

Georgina Asor Botchwey, 22, went missing over a week ago and notices were shared in the hope of finding her.

The two accused persons were arrested at their various hideouts following a Police investigation.

According to the report, during Police interrogation, suspect Michael Darko, who is the alleged boyfriend of the senior sister of the deceased victim and was last seen with her, led Police to the location where they had buried her after the murder.

Her body was later exhumed by police at the home of the chief Nana Clarke in Mankessim, where they were led by the pastor.